Librado "ADO" Castillo


Ado’s Panciteria known to be the “The original Pancit with Chicharon” was established in 1952 by the late Librado “Ado” Castillo. What started as a small family business is now one of the landmarks here in Pasig City.

Before Ado’s Panciteria was recognized, Mang Ado had a barber shop. Beside his Barber shop was a small panciteria run by his Chinese friend. He usually would watch his friend cook. This started his interest in noodles. His friend’s panciteria did not bloom, and that marked the start of his own panciteria. With the help of his wife and his eleven kids, Ado’s Panciteria started! At first the barber shop and the panciteria stood together but as more people enjoyed this unique pancit, the family decided to concentrate on it. Mang Ado taught his kids the importance of good service and maintaining the quality of their products. From Bihon they added a few more noodles, all topped with the yummy and crunchy chicharon!

Years passsed by, more and more avid customers enjoyed every munch of Mang Ado’s Pancit. People in Pasig started to talk about the great food they serve and from a small Panciteria they were able to expand to cater more customers not only from Pasig but to other areas as well.

At present Ado’s Panciteria is still here and continuously growing. The same recipe, a different look but the same concepts to be of good service to every hungry pallete. Rest assured we will never stop improving to keep phase with the changes. We hope to see you soon as we share the legacy of Mr. Librado “Ado” Castillo that he has engraved in history.